Shout out to all music lovers also big up to all my influences over the years:

Stevie Wonder, James Brown, De La Soul, Simon Grey, ATCQ, Jay-Z Omar, Ray Charles, Joyce, Bebel Gilberto,acid jazz, funk, soul, 80’s, disco, indie, broken beat, Larry Levan, Norman Jay, Gilles Peterson, Paul Trouble, Kiss Fm, Good Times, Davy DMX, MAW, Shut Up and Dance, DJ Marky, Fabio, Grooverider, Liquid Drumz, Ian (The Wook) Fernandez, Yam Who? Bennison, 4Hero, Erykah, Common, Marco Valles, The Roots, Jay-Z, The Clash, Jimi Hendrix, Beattles, The Who, Ska, 2 Tone Rappattack, Loud Minorities, Circle Of Funk, Soulfuric, Tru Thoughts Papa Records, ChilliFunk, Bob Jones, Xtra, Reckless Records, Black Market, Soul Jazz, Vinyl Junkies, Music and Video Exchange, South London, Forest Hill, New Cross inn, Funky Munky, Funk Therapy, Remember Times, Saucy Partys, Earl (DJ Journalist) Bar Equal, Ana, Paradise Bar Deptford, Japan, France, USA, Tony Luckhurst, Vere, Joe Le Groove, 90’s various raves and house parties, Genesis Radion, Saxon Sound, beer, Birdell’s in Brooklyn, Carriacou, Grenada, Brother Rene, Cesar (Pop Your Funk) Gonsalves…..

Random list lol! You can catch me spinning an even more random DJ set at various bars and clubs in and around London. Updates regularly on here

Peace and love!